Every site is soft but this is the softest after all.

Behtarin Farsi Editor is light and eay to use. You can wirte farsi and save it and send per email. This small software is free and 78 KB


Free Benvis Farsi Writer
Download Benvis Farsi Writer

Easy farsi writer for speed user. Benvis is Farsi Editor do not change your registry and and it is a simple software. This small freeware is only 33 KB.


Simple Farsi Writer
Download Simple Farsi Writer

A simple farsi eidtor created by Sara Afshar . She makes windows programs and this is one of the. This software is not only easy to use, but absolut free. It is only 33 KB.




Hafez faal
Download free Hafez Faal

Do you like Hafez? Here are more than 100 of hafez poems. Download this program and enjoy hafez faal. Hafez poets and faal for iranian and persian. Hafez Faalgir is free and 683 kb only.

Khayyam Robaiat
Download Khayyam Ebook

Download Khayyam v3.1. This program or this Khayyam Ebook copyrighted by Ghadir Andalib and is free. It is 1.24 MB.




Finglish Photo Shooting  program
Download Khayyam Ebook

Super finglish photo shooting freeware. This power software is in finglish and it is total free and easy to use. You can make phtos with this software. Size: 645 KB.

Persian Voice Chat Room

Microles dot com is the house of free software. You can find more than hundert eay to use software by Microles. All software are free.

Micro Sky is a free website for you. Please visit this nice website and enjoy the art  of web design building.

Micro Kos is the Mr. Mike Rokos site. He updates his website daily. Photos , art, and free features by MIcrokos

Free Makers. This site is free and the webmaster of this makes free what he can. Visit Freemakers and you will love it.

Eprogs is the website of prgrams. Here you can find more than hunderts of free java scripts. Visit Eporgs!

Hallo Tools. Yes this is the online tools for webmasters and web dummies. Easy online tool be hallotools.

Jila Burger. Jila Burger website is not only nice, she makes programs for winodws and all software by jila burger are absolut free.

Tk Club is a club of webmasters. Tk produce clicks for you. You are webmaster and have a site? Join TK Club and win more click than you need.

Micro Big is a nice website.  Visit this and refer us to Microbig by tripod.com. Microblog is Setareh Jamali Website.

Micro Kooft offers free websites. Microkooft is an internet publication company and a free service for all.

Microsoft is the free service of software and music and chat. Microsoft kooft is one of the Micro Kooft publication..

Microb is the free service of anti virus and informations and photos.

Taksellool free website of pictures and more. Photos of the hollywoods models.

Microfree is the place for freebies. Visit microfree for free software, fonts, services and more.

Shik Poetry is the official website of Shirin Yawari Kashani, she was candidate for nobel prise with 22 years.

Andalib Poetry is the persian anik poetry. wonderful and nice. Read und enjoy the Art of persian language

Pantea Page is the website of Pantea with games, online graphic software, poems and pictures.

Micro Blog is the Art and poetry site of setareh Jamali. enjoy newest methode of poetry and art.

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